A high priority of Integrative Medicine at Yale is to support research activities and collaboration that will help advance the evaluation of complementary and integrative therapies and the integration of effective approaches into patient care. In particular, we believe in the value and importance of interdisciplinary collaborative learning and research; as such, we welcome participation from students and faculty not only at the medical and nursing schools, but also those affiliated with other schools and departments at Yale.

Research topics most widely studied at Yale:

  • Mind-body interventions such as mindfulness meditation
  • Nutritional therapies, dietary supplements, and the human microbiome
  • Plant medicine pharmacology
  • The physiology and pathophysiology of emotional stress

Primary Research Activities

Monthly Meeting

  • Fostering community and encourages interdisciplinary research dialogue and collaboration

Scientific Symposium

  • Providing an open-minded forum for presentation and critical review of rigorous scientific inquiry in integrative medicine topics
  • Showcasing and highlight cutting edge research and clinical models already being pursued at Yale to the larger Yale community